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IPAC currently provides two platforms for IPAC members to exchange ideas and opinions.

IPAC-List is our email-based discussion group or "List-Serv." It provides a platform to ask questions, share information and receive input. Most students and professionals use the List-Serv to quickly solve assessment-related challenges they face during a normal day, or share articles related to the field.

If you're not familiar with the List-Serv concept, it's simple. If you want to read or participate in the discussions, you subscribe to the list. Then, by sending an email message to the special list address, you automatically share it with all of the other list subscribers; likewise, you'll receive all the messages sent to the list by other subscribers. It's "old-school" but effective.

The IPAC LinkedIn Group is another option for sharing information. Many IPAC members are quite active on that professional networking site, and our group there provides a means for them to interact with each other.

Some people choose to involve themselves with both, some have a preference for one over the other. Both provide access to an invaluable resource of knowledge: our membership! Whichever you prefer, we hope that you'll join us and participate in the discussions.

IPAC's Mission, Vision and Values statements drive our organization. Check them out here.

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