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Skills - what are they good for?

  • 05 Dec 2023 1:09 PM
    Reply # 13287310 on 13254689

    Hi Lance,

    We use O*Net all the time - not literally. It is an essential part of our workflow. My question is more about the practical difference in assessment between calling something a skill or an ability. For instance, do the statements "skill at operating a computer keyboard" and "ability to operate a computer keyboard" mean two different things in the real world?


  • 27 Nov 2023 11:19 AM
    Reply # 13283907 on 13254689

    Hi Bryan, Have you thought about using some of the skills in O*NET?  Here is the skills database with ratings by occupation.  Skills - O*NET 28.0 Data Dictionary at O*NET Resource Center ( 

  • 14 Sep 2023 4:57 PM
    Message # 13254689

    I'm thinking about skills and their application to office/desk jobs. My agency has struggled to apply the technical definition of skills as a "learned psychomotor activity." (More commonly, skills are used as a synonym for abilities, as in "skill at getting along with others.") One company that consulted with us doesn't use skills in their job class docs at all, and instead relies on physical ability requirements to cover movement, use of office equipment, and so on.

    Other than skill at using a computer keyboard, mouse, etc.:

    1. Are there other important and common office skills?

    2. If the work product is the key, does it make a difference how we define the work in this regard?


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