IPAC Professional Principles

The International Personnel Assessment Council exists to serve the professional in personnel assessment and selection. The Council and its members are committed to:

  • Pursuing the use of appropriate selection procedures and fostering and applying constructive action within organizations for the use of valid and fair selection procedures which are in accord with technical, legal and ethical standards.
  • Striving to assure that the personnel assessment and selection functions meet the goal of providing organizations with the qualified and productive employees who can effectively carry out their programs.
  • Respecting and protecting, without regard to race, sex, age, handicap, religion or national origin, the dignity of individuals, and honoring their right to fair consideration in all aspects of the assessment and employment process and to the pursuit of a promising career.
  • Protecting, from invasion of privacy, information obtained in the assessment process, preserving confidentiality of individual assessment results, and striving to attain a balance between the individuals right to be informed of assessment results and the need to protect the security of assessment procedures against unwarranted disclosure.
  • Striving to maintain the integrity, reputation, and proprietary rights of employers or clients.
  • Maintaining the highest standard of professional competence in personnel assessment and related areas of practice through education, training, and self-directed study.
  • Striving to contribute to the development of others pursuing careers in personnel assessment and to the development and dissemination of knowledge for the improvement of the profession.
  • Faithfully respecting and adhering to the principles of this code, never compromising professional and ethical obligations and responsibilities for personal gain or accommodation.

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