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2019 IPAC Conference

July 14-17, 2019

Minneapolis, MN

Max Assessments in Minneapolis

Presenter Guidelines

Do presenters need to register for the conference?

Yes.  All presenters must register for the conference, per the Call for Proposals. For additional registration information, visit the Conference Registration page.

What day and time is my presentation?

Day and time notifications for all presentations were sent on April 12 from If you did not receive a day and time notification, please contact

Do I need to submit my presentation in advance of the conference?

Yes.  All presenters must send an electronic copy of their presentation to the IPAC Program Committee by June 21, 2018.  Your presentation will be loaded onto the computer in your assigned presentation room. This helps to reduce time spent loading presentations during the conference and maximizes the time for your presentation.

If you need to make revisions to your presentation after submitted to IPAC, please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB drive. You must load your presentation onto the computer in your assigned room during the refreshment break or lunch break before your scheduled session time.

Are there any requirements related to the content of my presentation?

Please review IPAC's Editorial Guidelines and the Call for Proposals  session descriptions before finalizing your presentation.  These guidelines will help to ensure your presentation is valuable and engaging for all IPAC conference attendees.

Do I need to provide handouts for attendees?

If you are leading a tutorial session, you are required to provide handouts to attendees. No other session types require you to provide handouts; however, these are always welcome.

What technology will be in the presentation rooms?

A laptop running Microsoft Windows and a projector will be setup in each presentation room. Your presentation will be loaded onto the computer in your assigned presentation room. A 16:9 slide format will display best on our laptops and projectors. If your presentation includes audio or video, please email the IPAC program committee ( immediately.

What should I do if I am scheduled to present two sessions at the same time?

Please notify the IPAC program committee at immediately.


My organization has changed since I submitted my proposal to IPAC. What do I do?

If you would like your new organization to be displayed in the IPAC Conference Program, please contact before June 1, 2019.

For all other questions, please email the IPAC Conference Program Committee at

Please note, there is an alternate email address that you will receive communication from: (be sure to read and respond to all communications to stay up to date).


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