IPAC 2017 Conference

Birmingham, AL
July 16-19, 2017

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Assessments of Steel

Concurrent Sessions

IPAC’s 2017 concurrent sessions take a variety of formats, including tutorials, symposia, presentations, panel discussions, and roundtable discussions. Whether you are new to assessment and looking for how-to’s or an experienced assessment professional seeking the latest trends and practices, this conference has something for you!

Concurrent sessions cover a variety of topics from assessment development and evaluation to organizational assessment and employee engagement. Want to learn about competency models and how to use them? Need help measuring and evaluating your recruitment resources? Curious about game-based or video-based assessments? Seeking a refresher on legal issues or assessment development best practices? These topics and more will be presented at the 2017 IPAC Conference. A full list of session topics is included below. Additional details are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Competency Modeling

  • How Can I Use Competencies?
  • A Review and Integration of Competency Modeling Best Practices

Recruitment and Selection

  • Measuring and Evaluating Recruitment Resources
  • Challenges to Using a One-Size-Fits-All Testing Strategy and Potential Remedies
  • Learning from Challenging Assessment Situations
  • Transforming Organizations under HR-Focused Consent Decrees
  • Utility of Hiring Rosters over Time

Assessment Development and Best Practices

  • Interviewing: Best Practices, Results, and War Stories
  • Getting Creative with your Structured Interviews
  • Gamified and Game-based Assessments: An Overview and Recommendations
  • Development of a Video-Based Situational Judgement Test
  • Video-based Testing
  • New Developments and Challenges in Cognitive Ability Assessment
  • An Interactive Walk through the Assessment Center Process
  • Creating Behaviorally-Anchored Assessment Center Scoring Scales
  • Setting Cut Scores for Legal Defensibility
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Nine Common Psychometric Tools

Legal Issues and Validity

  • Balancing Validity, Utility, Fairness, and Adverse Impact
  • An Examination of Ageism in a Simulated Hiring Process
  • Job Components Validity Study

Organizational Assessment and Attitudes

  • Assessing Positive Organizational Capital
  • Identifying Organizational Development Needs from Assessment Center Data
  • Employee engagement 101: Assessment and Measurement
  • Driving a Public Safety Attitude Survey

And more!

  • Modernizing Job Classifications and Career Progressions
  • Assessing the Potential for High Risk Behaviors Among Emergency Medical Service Providers
  • Development and Validation of an Executive Training and Development Type Taxonomy
  • Impact of Supervisory Training on Test Performance
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