IPAC 2016Sacramento, CAJuly 31st - August 3rd 2016

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Gold Rush: Nuggets of Truth in Assessment


IPAC 2016 Conference Contacts

Have questions about the conference? Need to contact someone in particular? Here is the team that is organizing the 2016 Conference for you:

2016 President

Martha Hennen (Martha.Hennen@cfpb.gov)

2016 Conference Chair

Andrey Pankov (Conference@ipacweb.org)

2016 Conference Committee Board

Program Committee - Julie Sampson (IPACconferenceprogram@gmail.com)

Credentialing - TBD

Host Chair- Heather Patchell (hpatchell@biddle.com)

Exhibitor/Sponsor Committee - Deonda Scott (deonda.scott@cityoforlando.net)

Registration Committee Chair- TBD

Logistics Chair - TBD

Marketing Chair - Erin Wood (ewood@panpowered.com)

Registration chair - TBD

Social Committee Chair - TBD

Speaker Gifts - TBD

Innovations in Assessment Award

Meredith A. Ramsey (Meredithramsey22@gmail.com)

Student Paper Award

Christopher D. Nye (nyechris@msu.edu)


Ben Porr (elcomnet@ipacweb.org)

If you are interested in leading or joining a committee, please email Andrey (conference@ipacweb.org)

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