Management and Program Analyst - Securities and Exchange Commission

22 Jun 2016 5:17 PM | Martha Hennen

This position is in the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (OEEO) of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) located in Washington, DC.

The primary mission of OEEO is to foster equality of employment opportunity so that SEC employees and applicants have the working environment that supports them in their efforts to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the securities markets.

For more information or to apply by July 1, 2016, visit:

If selected, you will join a well-respected team to serve as a Management and Program Analyst (Data Analyst).

Typical Duties Include:

  • Provide statistical advice and recommendations concerning statistical methods and procedures as applied to the analysis of workforce demographics and other data;
  • Design the methods, tools, and execution plans for studies, surveys, and/or focus groups;
  • Pull and collect data, prepare that data for analysis, and conduct statistical analysis using a variety of statistical tests;
  • Evaluate large databases of workforce data to produce accurate analysis and reports, studies, dashboards and briefing materials that reflect the Agency's progress in identifying and eliminating barriers to equality of opportunity.
  • Utilize a wide-range of available data sources, including comparing Agency data against other financial regulatory agencies, the federal government and the securities and financial industry, to identify trends, statistical significance and potential barriers to equal employment opportunity.
  • Identify additional data sources and relevant benchmarks to measure and evaluate program effectiveness.
  • Present complex data in a manner utilizing effective data visualization methods, including line, pie, bar and other innovative tools.
  • Respond to requests from internal stakeholders for ad hoc studies and reports.
  • Collaborate with internal and external partners to gather and interpret data as well as improve data collection processes.
  • Collaborate on the preparation of special studies and reports reflecting the status of OEEO programs and projects, such as barrier analyses. 

For more information or to apply by July 1, 2016, visit:

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