IPAC's Innovations in Assessment Award

Innovation - 1 : the introduction of something new

    2 : a new idea, method, or device.

Accepting nominations for the 2016 Innovations in Assessment Award now.

This award recognizes an individual or a work group for the development of an innovative personnel assessment tool, the use of an existing assessment tool in an innovative manner, or general innovations in assessment policies or procedures which resulted in improved effectiveness, efficiencies, or cost savings. You may nominate yourself or someone in our field who has developed an innovative tool or technique.

The Innovations in Assessment Award will be presented at the upcoming IPAC Conference that will be held July 31st to August 3rd in sunny Sacramento, CA. The winner will receive an engraved plaque to commemorate the accomplishment, the opportunity to present a paper about the innovation at the IPAC conference, and a waiver of the conference registration fee for one person. In addition, award recipient(s) will be invited to share their innovation with the IPAC membership in a future issue of the Assessment Council News publication.

For more information about the award, please e-mail Martha at

Past Winners:

2015 - Anthony S. Boyce, Jeffrey S. Conway, Pat M. Caputo and Christopher R. Huber (Aon Hewitt). Development of the Adaptive Employee Personality Test.


2014 - Maria Bain and Jonathan Liepe.  (Honorable Mention). Validation and Redesign of Assessment and Selection Process for In-Bound Customer Service Center.

2013 - Lena Westerveld and Filip Lievens.  A Building Block Approach to Personnel Selection:  Implementation and Evidence in a Police Selection Context.

2012 Sandra Hartog and Associates/Fenestra.  New Frontiers in Scalable Assessment.

2011 Paul J. Hanges  Kenneth P. Yusko, Harold W. Goldstein, Charles A. Scherbaum.  Sienna Reasoning Test.

2010 - Cal Hoffman, C. Chy Tashima, and Gypsi Luck

2006 - Charles K. Brooks, Jeff Maile and Steve Sutton, Georgia Merit System.

2005 - Ken Bott, Christopher Daclan, Craig Haines, Robert Pfingsthorn, Leah Salgado Christina Pizzaro-Winting, Brad Wilson. City of Long Beach, CA.

2004 - Elizabeth A. Reed and the Safety Forces Testing Team. Columbus, Ohio Civil Service Commission

2003 - Elizabeth B. Kolmstetter and the Standards, Assessment, and Selection Team  Transportation Security Administration

2002 - John C. Kraus, Director, Division of Selection Services, Jersey Department of Personnel

2001 - The Research and Development Branch. Immigration and Naturalization Service

2000 -  Elizabeth Kaido, Paul Kaiser, and Raymond Mullin. Testing Services Division, New York State Department of Civil Service

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